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Reborn - 30 Day Hair Transformation Package

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Our Reborn Advanced Hair Nutrients and Reborn Hair Activating Serum are the perfect combination to grow and nourish your hair.

Packed with all natural ingredients these products will help repair damaged and dry hair, leaving your hair feeling silky smooth and promoting hair growth within just one month of use. 

What is in the bundle?

Reborn Hair Activating Serum - 1 FL OZ

Reborn Hair Activating Serum can be used in many ways, as a treatment overnight, on lashes and brows, with a hot towel, see full details here and a list of all the delicious natural ingredients. 

Reborn Advanced Hair Nutrients - 30 Day Supply 

Healthy hair starts from the inside. Take 2 capsules daily for longer, stronger and healthier hair. For a full list of ingredients click here

After just 1 months use we guarantee you will be coming back for more!

Click the dropdown if you are ready for a 60 day supply and save an extra 5%! You will receive 2 x Reborn Hair Activating Serums and 2 x Reborn Advanced Hair Nutrients.

Note: it's always a good idea to try a patch treatment on your arm or another area first to make sure you are not allergic or have a negative reaction to any of the natural ingredients. They are all natural, no chemicals, no B.S, just good old nature but it's best to see how your skin reacts with any product before using a lot.

Shipping Time: USA 3-7 Days, Rest of the World 14-21 Days.

This item ships from the USA, please see our International Shipping Policy for any queries relating to customs charges and imports. 


Thick, Long, Silky Hair for Less!